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Over the last few years customers have asked if we ship items out of state. YES, we do. We ship anywhere. So far we have shipped items to Ohio, Georgia, West Virginia, Maryland, Florida, and even as far away as the north side of Chicago.
Just call or ask the next time you are in.

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We just got home from an awesome three day learning seminar in Columbus, Ohio. There were some really great doctors we heard speaking. This is one, Dr. Michael E. Platt. He has two great books; Adrenal Dominance and The Miracle of bio-identical Hormones

While everyone was freezing here in the Valparaiso, Kerry, Emily, and Pam took a ride to balmy Blue Ridge Georgia to meet the owners and check out Roseanne's Mountain Alternatives that produce our popular essential oils. We got a tour of their manufacturing plant and learned more about their great products. It was great to visit and hard to leave the 65 degree temperatures.


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Over 90 combined years of experience in the health food industry with the highest quality organic and natural products, vitamins and health supplements, minerals, herbs, gluten free wheat free products, grains and nuts, and full line of protein powders.

Stop by for a cup of herbal tea..
2812 N. Calumet....right next door to Blythe's Sporting Goods


Store hours: Monday-Friday 10am - 7pm, Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sun. 12pm -4pm  

 Co owners LeeAnn Schreiner, Jean Jannasch, and Pam Uhrina pride themselves in continuing their education in the field of nutrition to better help you with all your health needs.. LeeAnn is a certified nutritional consultant through the American Association of Nutritional Consultants. The girls spent this last weekend at a three day learning seminar. There are new nutritional discoveries made everyday so they heard some great speakers and all took a lot of notes and learned, learned, learned...pictured below l-r are Emily, Jean, LeeAnn, Pam, and Kerry. Don't they look healthy?

Congratulations to Monica Korzenecki of Valparaiso for winning the August $25 in store gift certificate.

Next Wild Wednesday will be September 2nd.  

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