Happy Easter to everyone. We will be closed tomorrow Easter Sunday to celebrate with our family. Regular hours Monday.






A big thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated our 9th anniversary with us. Here is the list of winners.....

$25 Gift Certificate ....Tim Thomas

Gift Basket winners.....Gloria Gast, MIssy Young, Kim Croark, Jo Reiehler, Debra Brown, Jeff Cefali, Barbara Hicks, Nancy Nielsen, Joe Santolino, Laura Morrison, Phillip Sanders, R. Kicinski, Elaine McCormack, John Oeaners, Debbie Casillas, Jenny Corak, Jyll Weaver, Alia Hawkins, Atlanta Kosiar, Martha Mihalik, Jerry Martin, Marylyn Olson, Zachary Zielinski, Betsy Richardson, Willie Harrison, Robert Morris, Sherry Mindell, David Littlejohn, Melissa Dekerf.




Winner of April's WILD WEDNESDAY gift certificate is Kerry Roberts


Next WILD WEDNESDAY is May 1st....2019...


 L-R....LeeAnn, Jean, Kerry, Pam, Emily, Ashley, and Seth


LeeAnn, Stuart Tomc (VP CV Science) Jean, Pam, at Palko show 2018





Started by the Duggan sisters in 2003, LIFE stinks deodorants are made with three simple ingredients: aluminum free sodium bicarbonate, tea tree oil and either lavender or cedarwood oil .Life Stinks offers 100% coverage with no toxins. LIfe Stinks are currently on sale for 20% off. Come in and check them out.




We would like to thank everyone for helping us celebrate our 7th anniversary. We truly could not do this without the support of so many loyal people. Our pledge is to continue studying and learning more about the field of nutrition to help others. Thank you again......

LeeAnn, Jean, Pam, Kathy, Emily, Kerry, and Dolores.


Check out our "new products" page. Just click on the link and you will see some of the new products we now carry.

Nature's Remedies is happy to now be carrying Michael's Naturapathic Products! This supplement company has been around since 1984 and is known for its great formulas that produce excellent results! Their #1 product for over 20 years is Blood Pressure Factors and we are excited to offer it along with many other formulas to our customers!






Stop by for a cup of herbal tea.. 2812 N. Calumet....right next door to Blythe's Sporting Goods


Store hours: Monday-Friday 10am - 7pm, Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sun. 12pm -4pm  

 Co owners LeeAnn Schreiner, Jean Jannasch, and Pam Uhrina pride themselves in continuing their education in the field of nutrition to better help you with all your health needs.. LeeAnn is a certified nutritional consultant through the American Association of Nutritional Consultants. The girls spent this last weekend at a three day learning seminar. There are new nutritional discoveries made everyday so they heard some great speakers and all took a lot of notes and learned, learned, learned...pictured below l-r are Emily, Jean, LeeAnn, Pam, and Kerry. Don't they look healthy?

  There are so many new products here at Nature's Remedies we started a new page with just new products and descriptions. Please go to the page titled "New Products" 


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