•  Supplements......Here at Nature's Remedies we carry a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathics and condition targeted formulas. 

  •  Sports Nutrition...we carry creatine, pre/post recovery supplements to enhance your fitness level. Our store provides all your protein needs with Vegan and whey proteins to build lean muscle mass. 

  •  Bulk Foods/Spices....we have over 150 bins containing whole grains,beans, nuts,seeds, dried fruits,herbs,and snack mixes. Our spices and herbs are organic and range from everyday cooking staples to specialty spices like Chinese Five Spice. When buying spices in bulk you save money over the bottled spices.

  •  Natural a nutrition store we try to provide our customers with pre packaged whole grains, tasty low fat snacks, sauces, pastas, alternative milks, low sodium soups, nuts and seed butters, alternative sweeteners, free range eggs from local farmers as well as refrigerated/frozen items.

  •  Body Care...we also help you take care of your skin by providing chemical free, paraben free and propylene glycol free cosmetic products. Our female customers enjoy our clean mineral makeup by LARENIM.

  •  Wheat/Gluten Free....Nature's Remedies carries a large selection of wheat and gluten free products including pastas, breads, sauces, cookies, and frozen foods. We are always adding new products so let us know what you would like to see us carry.

  • Essential oils.....We carry over 5 complete lines of essential oils..including organic oils.